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Eating can often be more complicated than we give it credit for. From the moment we begin eating as a child, habits and beliefs are deeply ingrained into our routines and thinking.  Clearly, making a change takes more than a one size fits all approach.

Contact us to set up your individualized assessment.


The Initial Assessment

We strive to learn your needs, preferences, and goals to tailor a realistic program to improve your life through nutrition therapy.

A comprehensive initial screening lasts 90 minutes, and includes:

  • Review of what you eat and your eating habits
  • Discussion of your lifestyle, current challenges, and barriers
  • Detailed review of your overall nutritional health and history
  • Baseline goal setting and development of a nutrition care plan
  • Recommendation to a program to meet your needs


What We Do

We structure our services into programs so that you know what to expect along the way and provide a guided plan to get you the level of support you need.We provide a platform for recovery where you are.

Our services are comprehensive and client-driven; you have an opportunity to develop a personalized experience with a dietitian.


Comprehensive WELL Programs

Designed by Erica through her experiences counseling clients on making positive nutrition changes in their lives. You will understand what it means to be WELL:

W   What is your relationship with food?

E    Energize and heal your body with nutrition

L    Learn how to implement this new information and overcome your disorder

L    Live life eating without guilt and enjoying food again

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