Services Designed for You

Comprehensive WELL Programs

We’ve created a platform for recovery where you are. Designed by Erica through her experiences counseling clients – understand what WELL means for you:

What is your relationship with food?

Energize and heal your body with nutrition

Learn how to implement this new information and overcome your disorder

Live life eating without guilt and enjoying food again

Begin WELL

Whether you are continuing your journey of recovery, beginning a new chapter, or starting here, Begin WELL is the most comprehensive program we offer. It takes commitment and support to recover – we expect and offer both in this program.

This is ideal for re-entry home after treatment, families wanting support, and those giving outpatient a serious try.


Be WELL is building on the education and skills you may have already learned along the way and “being” by putting these skills into place for you in your own life. Be WELL is all about you learning what it means for you to Be WELL.

This is ideal after completing Begin WELL or for anyone who may not have a need for Begin WELL.


Our goal for nutrition therapy is for you to come away as the nutrition expert of your own life and body. Live WELL is just that – learning to live free from your eating disorder. Some seasons of life may be challenging whereas others may be smooth sailing. Consistent follow up is a key to continued success in recovery.

Live WELL is ideal after completing Begin or Be WELL. It is best to have a support system in place for when you need it.

Each individualized 6-month journey, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individual office sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings
  • Walk and talks – meet in nature
  • Coffee break check ins
  • Handouts, homework, tip sheets
  • Skype, FaceTime, or phone sessions
  • Meal planning education
  • Grocery tours
  • Home visits
  • Meal/snack prep sessions
  • Communication with other healthcare professionals (counselors, MDs, trainers, etc.)
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • Real time virtual support through Recovery Record App