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We understand the complexities and support it takes to fully recover from an eating disorder.  Whether you are sick of counting calories and fat grams, tired of thinking about food, want help understanding a healthy weight for you, want to change but don’t know how or where to start or anything else we can help with – we have experience helping others realize a life not ruled by their eating disorders.


As dietitians, it often takes special training and additional experience to be qualified to work with eating disorders.  We want to offer hope that whether you have struggled for 1 month or 40 years you can learn to eat in an attuned way.  You may feel like you know everything there is to know about food, perhaps too much, so maybe we can help you turn that knowledge from a weapon into a tool.


Our mission is to empower clients to utilize our knowledge and support to create a life that is both nourishing and satisfying.  Our greatest achievements lie in the feedback we receive from you, our beloved patients and clients, sharing success and happiness resulting from change created through nutrition therapy.

Meet Erica Cushion

Erica Cushion

Erica Cushion

Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

Erica is a registered dietitian in practice since 2009. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Erica began counseling in private practice in order to help clients on a deeper level through understanding their relationship with food and how it impacts their minds and bodies. She enjoys helping clients discover how to live free from negative food thoughts. Featured: Columbus Dispatch, Good Day Columbus FOX 28, OhioActive, Oprah Winfrey Network, Ehow.com, Recovery Warriors, Trinity Christian Network, Ohio Academy of Dietetics Annual Conference, Columbus Dietetic Association,

What People Say About Us

Finding a nutritionist that is eating disorder savvy is an extremely difficult task, which is why I was so thankful to have connected with Erica.  I can refer my clients to her, without hesitation, knowing that she will not only provide them with the individualized nutritional care that they need, but also that she will work along side of me to help them reach their goals for recovery.  Erica genuinely cares about her clients, models a healthy relationship with food, and is a joy to work with

Katie Kovacs MSEd., LPCC

Dietitians that I’ve had in the past just gave me a plan and expected me to follow it...that didn't work for me. Erica cares way beyond regular office hours and goes out of her way to help. She is very knowledgeable, stern when needed, and is a truly loving person who cares deeply for other people.   She is supportive and always has creative new ideas.  She inspires me with big stars, a red carpet, & pom-poms. I love having Erica as my dietitian she is so real, so understanding and non-judgmental


I was nervous because it was my way of admitting something was wrong and I knew I wasn’t healthy, but I didn’t think I was sick enough to see a nutritionist. After our first session, I wanted to work with Erica. She made me feel comfortable, didn’t judge me, or treat me like just another eating disorder patient.   This is an extremely vulnerable chapter of my life. The personalized meal plans fit my lifestyle and continue to evolve as I move through recovery—they challenge me, but help me feel safe. Because of Erica, I’m learning to bring balance back to food and fitness and really listen to my body. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been!